Google Penalty Recovery

As the Internet has evolved so have both search engines and search engine optimisers. It is commonly known and accepted that the biggest search resource online is Google, which is why Google have to deal with a large amount of spam on a daily basis. As such they have a duty to their users to ensure relevant search results and information are returned to their search queries and any low quality websites are not. This is to provide searchers with the best websites available on the Internet for the search queries entered.

To ensure this is the case, Google are constantly updating their search engine algorithms to try and reduce the amount of spam which is displayed in its search results. This means looking at a large amount of areas both on and off a website to identify techniques which may be used to manipulate the search engine rankings of said website.

What SEO Penalties Exist & What is the Recovery Procedure?

There are many different penalties that can affect a website depending on what techniques have been used to improve a wesbsites rankings. A prime example is the use of backlinks which are well known to improve a websites search engine rankings. With these algorithm updates there is always the risk of a penalty being applied to website which are not conforming to the best practices which Google look towards. Well known search engine penalties that currently exist are as follows:

Google Panda Recovery

Google Panda is an algorithm focused predominantly on website content and other aspects of the website structure being deemed as incorrect or spam.

Should you site be deemed to have a poor quality of content you may find yourself stung by this algorithm and have a penalty inflicted upon your site which can lead to a decline or disappearance of your ranking in the search results.

There are a number of ways in which your content can be deemed low quality such as duplication of other content elsewhere online, a lack of relevancy to the topic you are promoting or just overall poor copy such as grammar and repetition of content within the page.

If your website content perhaps falls into any of the above issues then there is a likeliness that you will be or already have been hit and penalised by Google Panda. Our knowledge and expertise with Google Panda recovery is an asset to you and your business, we have the necessary skills and procedures in place to help revoke a Panda algorithm penalty.

Google Penguin Recovery

Google Penguin is another algorithm update which focuses on off-site SEO activities in relation to your back link profile.

If your website has a spam looking or untidy link profile then you are unfortunately likely to be hit by this penalty and see a dramatic decline in your rankings.

Google have started to excessively clamp down on poor quality links to websites and are targeting both newly acquired and historical link activity.

There are a number of link types which are deemed as poor quality such as over-weight of anchor text linking, social bookmarks, foreign language websites, links from site with irrelevant or unrelated content, automated links generated via software packages and many more.

Since the launch and subsequent updates to the Penguin algorithm many sites have been hit and have seen an alarming fall in ranking positions. Our Google Penguin recovery service takes the stress away from you having to identify the poor links that have harmed your site and attempting to have these removed. Let us use our expertise and experience in having your Penguin algorithm penalty removed.

Google Top Heavy Recovery

This algorithm is focused mainly on end user experience and website structural layout.
Many sites online offer advertising opportunities with Ad and Banner placements as a means of generating further income.

Whilst there is nothing particularly wring in trying further your revenue Google have taken a dislike to sites where it feels this has become excessive and in turn negatively impacts the experience of an end user using the website.

One of the best ways to identify if you may have fallen pray to this penalty is to take a critical view of your site. Is your site excessive in the amount of Ads or Banners you advertise; and does it quite strongly detract and distract away from the actual content of your site. Is the site as easy to navigate as it can be comparing it to the competition?
By performing these types of analysis we can spot if you may have been struck by a Top Heavy penalty.

Manual Penalty Recovery

A manual penalty is applied to a website once the site has been reviewed by a member of the Google Web Spam team.

Unlike the aforementioned algorithm penalties you are notified when a manual penalty is in play through messages and notifications in your Webmaster Tools account.
A manual penalty can be applied to a site based on any number of criteria.
These include-

  • Unnatural incoming links profile
  • Unnatural links provided from your website to external sites
  • Impact Links – site wide or partial match link types
  • Cloaking or content duplication issues
  • Lack of content relevancy for end user
  • Free Website Hosts (usually contain a lot of spam websites within the servers)
  • Hidden text or links within your pages

Once we identify how your site has been manually penalised we can set about rectifying and countering the issues.

SEO Penalty Recovery

Our team have vast knowledge and experience of all the above mentioned penalty types and as such we can help you understand how and if your site has been penalised and what steps must be take for a successful Google penalty removal.

Contact a member of our team to find out how we can assist you further and have your penalty revoked.