Web Design and Development

Getting your website structured and laid out how you desire is an important process. The cost implications of a website design can be quite pricey so it is imperative that you get what you want first time round so to avoid the risk of further costs later down the line.

Choosing the Correct Web Design

An error many companies make is not understanding what they want, or what is available to them, thus resulting in the wrong decision being made. Your website is your online shop-window so it is important how and where people are going to either buy your products/services or not. The user experience, layout and functionality needs to be correct for both you and your customer.

Static Web Design

A static web design is exactly what it says, it is static and usually quite small in size. These websites are ideal for business start-ups, small businesses or one-man-bands as they allow you to portray the message you wish to deliver to your consumers and are generally quite cheaply priced when compared to more complex websites.

Dynamic Web Design

For a large website it is best advised to go for something dynamic. If you are looking to constantly update your site or add new information to it completely then this is a much better solution. Dynamic sites can be built tailored to your requirements and contain a central administrative section whereby you can control and update all content elements on your site with the click of a few buttons, whereas a static site will require the services of your agency or a knowledge of HTML for updating and amending the site.

Flash Web Design

A flash website is very good for end user engagement and interaction. They present a whole new level of experience compared to a standard static site and work well in a number of situations where interaction is paramount with your consumers; such as a gaming website.

These websites are quite complex to develop and require the skills of a trained and skilled professional to get the desired outcome you are after.

One of the down sides of a flash website is that it required the services of your appointed agency to be able to make amendments to the site if there is no in-house knowledge of this available; also these sites can be quite pricey due to the development framework that would need to be put in place.

Ecommerce Web Design

An online shopping or ecommerce website is ideal if you want to be able to take payments online for your products and services. There are a number of off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions available to deliver exactly what you desire.
Functions such as user management, product management, stock control, invoicing, bulk email and more can be built into your ecommerce solution; making all aspects of your online business able to be managed and controlled directly through your website administration and management system.

Responsive Web Design

One of the key elements people forget with websites, new and old, is how mobile the world has become. More than ever business is now conducted on the go and internet browsing has seen a steep rise due to the amount of accessibility options such as Smart Phones and Tablets.

Therefore, taking this point on board it is essential to ensure that your website is perfectly laid out on all devices not just on computer or laptop screen browsers. You will be quite surprised how many websites look a complete mess when viewed on a Phone or Tablet device!

We can build websites that respond to the browser in question, be it a computer, laptop, tablet or Phone; ensuring that the visual experience for the end user is 100% satisfactory, no matter how or on which device they may be using to browse your site.

This service does not apply just to new sites, we can also ensure your existing or current sites has full compatibility across all browser types.